testing testing… one two, one two…

ImageThis is me. My name is Tom Bainbridge and I am 39 years old.

I am a sound engineer by trade, but also a passionate guitarist, songwriter, producer and lover of the rock album. I am proud of this. I don’t fit into the idea of today’s music industry and I don’t care. That is because it fucking sucks.

I haven’t started this blog so that I can moan about Spotify, music piracy, TV talent shows, pop factories or even abuse of the poor old vocoder. But it will probably happen anyway.

No, this blog is because I figure I have gathered up enough useless but vaguely interesting knowledge about rock music that it is probably time to get some of it down on ‘paper’; knowledge not only in terms of history and trivia, but also the creation of it from the ground upwards, from the bare idea of a riff or hook, all the way through the recording and production processes, to the end of the rainbow, the holy grail, my raison d’ĂȘtre… the ALBUM….